Our newly designed Car Park Stopper is the ideal durable, long lasting, economical product. Thanks to the coating of 70 mm steel pipe with 5 mm polyethylene pipe, our product which is resistant to impacts, corrosion and scratch protection is now limited to the promotional price.
Our products life has been increased 3 times thanks to the fiber polycarbonate flanges and the 5 mm Polyethylene coated steel pipe. The plastic covers  at the ends prevent internal rusting. Does not require any paint. 9 yellow honeycomb (microprismatic) reflective tapes increase the night visibility.
  Technical Features
Size:  200 x 15 x 7 cm
Material : Steel Tube + Polyethylene Pipe + Polycarbonate Flange
Color Options : Black
Weight: 8 kg
Additional Information : 9 x reflective tapes
Installation: Ø10 x 110 mm lag bolts and, plastic fixing plugs