Keeping in view that “Traffic” is a big problem in the world -especially in our country, our primary aim is to follow, improve and apply the innovations in the world and of course to offer ideal solutions. Definitely, the foremost topics in all our studies are the human being and the environment.

We are proud of the contribitons of our products to the human life, which provide safety in centrums, parking areas and highways. Because of that; every solution that we offer is for us not “ only a job” it is the way to minimize the risk of danger and maximize the efficiency and productivity. Our biggest honor is the contribution of our products which provides safety in local, parking areas, places where traffic density to the human life. Thats why, we regard every solution we serve up as not “only a job” approach of with the maximization of efficiency and performans, minimization of danger risk.

We deliver complete tailor-made solutions to airports, parking operators, shopping centres, real estate owners, railway authorities, hotels, arenas, leisure facilities, offices, and municipalities. In addition to products and service and support, we can provide assistance at any stage during the development of a project.

Our guidelines are “ Traffic organization saves live” and “ Prevention is the first and most important step in traffic” so we are working to realize this guidelines as much as possible. Our aim is to become a powerful, qualified,secure, traffic systems producer and deliverer.

Ileri Traffic Project Team