100 W - Motor Driven Siren

100 W – Motor Driven Siren

100 W – Motor Driven Siren with robust, durable metal case.


Motor-Driven Siren  is ideal for short time use, especially for areas like mines, construction areas,
  • Robust and durable metal case
  • Low power consumption with high sound volume
  • For outdoor use place the motor-driven siren in a box.

Technical Features

Type: Motor-Driven Siren
Material: Stainless metal
Voltage: 220/210 Vac  24 Vac, 24 Vdc

Only  Horizontal mount with screws
Dimensions : 145 x 132 x 215 mm
Sound Output: 140-150 dB
Protection Rate: IP44
Current: 650mA
 Motor-Driven Siren should not be run over 2-3 minutes otherwise it will burn. To prevent any damage a circuit breaker, protection relay or fuse must be connected to the circuit.
Please mount this siren only horizontal on the ground otherwise you’ll cause damage.

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