Fire Truck Light Bar Sharp P-126

Fire Truck  Light Bar Sharp-126 combines innovative LED technology and a polycarbonate, aluminium hybrid housing into one impressive unit.



Fire Truck Light Bar Sharp P-126  offers bright, clear and 360-degree strobing warning light for all kinds of fire trucks.

  • Slim and aerodynamic design minimizes air resistance in high-speed vehicles
  • Transparent UV–resistant, polycarbonate outer and inner lens provides clear signal light transmission
  • Excellent protection from vibration and impact with the use of aluminium boards for both the top and bottom plates
  • Standart hard plastic mounting brackets, optional vehicle-specific gutter brackets
  • Each colour group consists of the same LED brand and model.
  • All mounting parts are stainless
  • Homogenous light transmittance and light distribution
  • Optical lenses spread the light of all LED groups horizontally.
  • Long LED lifespan due to low current consumption
  • Standard length options for different vehicles
  • 350 mA current regulator protects  the LEDs
  • All LED packages have an electrically isolated thermal pad
  • 7 flash patterns available
  • UV free LEDs with collimating lenses

Technical Features

Dimensions: 123-145 x 20  x 4 cm
Weight: 3-4 kg
Quality Certification: E-Mark
Operating Voltage: 12-28 Vdc
Operating Current: 1,8 A
LED Lifespan:
100.000 hours
Operating Temperature: -55 +65 °C
Flash Rate: 77 fpm
Wavelength:  620-645 nm
Material: Polycarbonate side, aluminium top and base parts
Flash Mode Number: 7
Mount Type: Permanent with screw and nut
LED Number and Type:  54 SMD Power LEDs

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