Key Lock Lift Out Parking Post is ideal for protecting your parking space or stopping people turning around in your driveway.
  • Removable steel security post complete with stainless steel integrated lock near the top.
  • Finished in yellow making this post a highly visible deterrent.
  • Designed for car, trailer, motorhome and caravan security.
  • Effectively blocks driveways, carports and garages .
  • Steel base tube is set in concrete level with the surface of the ground.
  • Two eyelets allow rope or chain to be fitted through to create a run of barriers.
  • Foot and pins on bottom of tube provides anchorage in the concrete and a hinged cover protects the tube when the post is not installed.
  • To install the post simply lift the cover, slide the post in, locate the pin through the cover and the post is locked.

Technical Features

Size :  Ø 9 x 70 cm
Metal Base Tube: 25 x 10 x 10 cm
Weight :
Material : Pipe – 2,5 mm steel,  Metal Base –   Galvanized Shee
Paint : Electrostatic powder paint
Installation :  Set Metal Base Tube in concrete
Color Options : Yellow
Additional Information : Integrated lock and reflective tape, two eyelets