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Multimode Flashing Beacon

Multimode Flashing Beacon with brilliant LED light and reflective lens pattern – is suitable for all areas requiring visual warning units.


Multimode Flashing Beacon suitable for all areas requiring visual warning units.  

  • Special scattering screw-on lens with reflective pattern.
  • Powerful, omnidirectional light source enables high visibility
  • Built-in switch for selection between steady, 2-3-5 blinking, revolving modes


Operating Voltage: 24 Vdc 110-220 Vac
Operating Temperature: -20°C…+50°C
LED Features:  24 x 5 mm LEDs with 15000 mcd
LED Lifespan: 100.000 hours
Dimensions: 130x130x155 mm
Signal Types: Steady/ 2-3-5 blinking/revolving
Horizontal surface mount with 4 screws through 4 predrilled holes
Lens- SAN/PC, Body -ABS
Protection Rate:
Lens-red/green, Body- black

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