The portable solar traffic light is a modular portable, temporary  LED traffic light system. With robust rubber wheels, a compact battery box and handles for ease of mobility, it is the ideal choice for narrow roads, moving roadworks, surfacing or short duration jobs. The unit comprises of auto signal transmitter, solar panel set,  rechargeable battery, regulator and pole. Pedestrian crossing button and receiver are optional. 4 modules can be synchronized to  operate together.




Technical Features

Solar Panel: 2 x 20 Watt Monocyrstal
Case Dimensions: 40 x 50 x 300  cm
Case Material: foldable metal sheet
Signalcase Material: Polycarbonat (%100 PC)
Signal Light : High Power LED, 20 cm  Red Green, Amber
Power Consumption: 18 W
Pole Height: 2,7 m
Operating Distance: 2 km
Battery Type: 12 V 100 Ah gel cell battery
Fixing Equipment: 4 legs and 16 fixing plugs and screws