Solar barricade flashers improve visibility and make work-zone area safer for construction workers, equipment drivers, and surrounding traffic. Our barricade flashers are the perfect solution that helps make your traffic control needs more efficient because our barrier lights can attach to a wide range of products like cones, posts, barriers, and barricades.

  • Single-side warning (6 LEDs)
  • Half of the body is covered with reflective tape in a circular shape
  • 115 f/min flasher warning
  • High-quality lens surfaces
  • Battery-powered by solar energy does not require another energy source
  • Continuous, efficient, and effective warning all day long with daylight charging
  • On/Off button

Technical Features

Dimensions : 128 x 145 mm
Weight: 0,350 kg
Material : PC-PA
Operation Temparature: -20 ° C / + 60 ° C
Protection Class: 115 f/min
LED: 6 x  5 mm LED
Solar Panel Dimensions: 60 x 54 mm
Solar PaneType: Monocrystalline Silicon Cell ,4 V 0,4 W
Battery : Ni-MH 1,2 V 2000 mA/h
Warning Distance: 100 m ( night)