Our solar-powered low-speed radar system is designed to slow cars down to help make your streets safer for everyone who uses them.
Speed monitoring systems, mostly used in highways and urban areas, can also be used in factories and production facilities. Solar-powered systems are becoming widespread in all areas of life, and this is frequently seen in traffic and road safety equipment.  With its automatic brightness level according to the environment, it does not tire the eyes of the drivers at night

Technical Features

Dimensions: 850 x 850 x 55 mm (Housing)
Weight: 14 kg. (Without solar system)
Solar Panel: 80 W
Battery: Dry Cell 12 V 65 Ah
LED: 5 mm Red, Green
Housing Type: Aluminium
IP Class: IP 65
Radar Type: Doppler Radar
Speed Measurement Distance (max): 200 m
Brightness Level: Automatically according to the environment