Wall protectors are made ​​of TPE and are usually mounted on walls of garages and storage areas where heavy traffic vehicles increase the likelihood of accident and micro-damage in automobiles, forklifts and structural elements. The yellow phosphorized PVC stripes on the surface increase visibility. This wall guard is thick and wide enough to absorb impacts in heavy-duty areas.

The standard length of the protectors is 3 m. They can be cut by need and mount on the wall with fixing plugs and screws.  The end of the guards can be protected with end caps.

  • Resistant to extreme temperature variations, UV light, oil and moisture
  • Easy maintenance: no rust, no chips, no cracks, no crumbles, no corrodes, no repainting
  • Fits on any substrate, including concrete, brickwork, steel, blockwork, or plastered wall.
  • Combines simple design and a variety of mounting options to meet every impact need
  • Long-lasting and cost-efficient rubber product

Note: End caps priced separately

Technical Features

Dimensions: 20 x 2,5 x 300 cm
Material:  TPE- PVC
Certification: DIN EN ISO 9001:2008