Traffic safety mirrors also called convex mirrors, are used to provide a wide view in parking lots, parking garages and intersections. Because they eliminate blind spots in warehouses and offices, prevent collisions at corners, intersections, and aisles they are an important traffic safety equipment.

  • Acrylic mirrors are 50 % lighter than glass mirrors and provide ease of installation and transportation
  • Ileritraffic traffic safety mirrors are manufactured from 2 mm impact-resistant acrylic material.
  • Acrylic mirrors have higher impact resistance (17 x stronger ) than glass mirrors.
  • Acrylic mirrors are safer as glass pieces will not form in case of breakage and prevent injuries and cuts.
  • 45º direction adjustment in upper- lower and  right-left directions
  • Fully adjustable mounting brackets
  • ABS plastic backing is impact-resistant yet lightweight and ideal for harsh weather conditions

Technical Features

Dimensions:  40 x 60 cm
Material: ABS Plastic – Frame,  2 mm Acrylic- Mirror
Weight: 3,6  kg
Certification: DIN EN ISO 9001:2008
Application: On Ø 50- Ø 75 mm  pole with M Ø 8 special kit, with screw and fixing plug on the wall
Min/Max. Service Temperature: -20°C / +60°C
Mirror Sight Distance:  12 m / 16 m
Angle Of View: >150°
Impact Resistance: 15 KJ/m²