Under Vehicle Inspection Mirrors are convex mirrors with wide-angle vision to carry out security checks on the underside of vehicles and areas that are difficult to view or access.

Under Vehicle Inspection Mirrors are;

  • Suitable for use in production areas, commercial buildings, public sector
  • Ideal for searching under vehicles at immigration checkpoints
  • Used by anti-bomb squads, drug search, customs, airlines, security, armed forces
  • Ideal for security surveillance ports, airports, military bases
  • Ideal for areas that are particularly difficult to access e.g. behind machinery
  • Universally employable – view under, over, behind and on top

Features of the Under Vehicle Inspection Mirror

  • Convex mirror surface for wide-angle vision
  • Ergonomic aluminum rod
  • Suitable for Interior or Exterior use
  • Clip-on LED torch available
  • Impact Resistant Toughened Float Glass Mirror face
  • Lightweight, portable and easily stored
  • Swivel costers for easy maneuverability underneath vehicles

Technical Features

Dimensions: Ø30 cm
Rod Length: 130 cm
Accessories: LED torch
Material:  handle- aluminum,  mirror- float glass