AC Powered LED Keep Right Sign is ideal for all construction areas like roads, highways, parking lots. It is also an ideal TMA( Truck Mounted Attenuator) sign. High day and night visibility are ensured by a reflective surface and  LEDs.  Can be easily mounted on U- shaped pole or pole with Ø5.0 – Ø7.5 cm diameter.

Technical Features
Dimensions : 60 x 60 cm
Weight : 5,5 kg
Material : Polycarbonat Reflective Surface – ASTM D 4956-11a Typ- I
LED:  Yellow,  Ø5 mm
Flasher Rate:  54 fpm
Voltage: 12 V AC / 220 V AC
Operating Temperature: -20°C / +60°C
Protection Rate: IP55
Visibility Distance: 500 m (night)