AC Powered LEDKeep Right Sign is ideal for all construction areas like roads, highways, parking lots. etc. High day and night visibility are ensured by a reflective surface and LEDs.  Can be easily mounted on U- shaped pole or pole with Ø5.0 – Ø7.5 cm diameter.

Technical Features
Dimensions : 60 x 60 cm
Weight : 5,5 kg
Material : Polycarbonat Reflective Surface – ASTM D 4956-11a Typ- I
Voltage: 12 V AC / 220 V AC
Electronic Circuit Specifications

Voltage 120 V AC
220 V AC
LED Colour Yellow-Red-White
Dimension Ø5 mm
Flasher Period 54 fpm
Warning Distance 500 m (night)
Operating Temperature -20ºC / +60ºC