Quarter Dome Safety Mirror 60 cm

Quarter half dome safety mirrors are installed on certain corners of the room. They will give you the heads up if there are persons approaching from behind or from a nearby hallway. Ileritraffic dome mirrors are produced from 2 mm acrylic.

  • Acrylic mirrors are 50% lighter than glass mirrors and provide ease of installation and transportation
  • Acrylic mirrors have higher impact resistance (17 x stronger ) than glass mirrors.
  • Acrylic mirrors are safer as glass pieces will not form in case of breakage and prevent injuries and cuts.
  • Acrylic traffic mirrors give a 20% clearer image than standard glass mirrors.

Technical Features

Dimensions:  Ø 60 cm
Material: Rubber- Frame and Backing,   Acrylic- Mirror
Additional Information: 90-degree view,  suitable for corners
Application: with screw and fixing plug on the wall
Min/Max. Service Temperature: -20°C / +60°C

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