Our bright and energy-efficient Solar Powered Bumpy Road Signs are ideal for temporary or permanent use on intercity and urban roads, school and pedestrian crossings, campuses, residential sites, construction sites, and at intersections without any need for an additional power source. Solar-powered flashing signs are covered with high-intensity reflective sheeting and light up so that they’re easily visible, even when weather and light conditions make it difficult. The combination of solar energy with LED lighting results in a high quality and consumption free electrical system. They are easily mountable on U-shaped posts or circular steel posts. The LED flashing mode is optionally changeable. The top placed solar panel can be adjusted easily for receiving the maximum amount of sunlight.

Technical Features

Dimensions: 60 x 60 cm
Weight: 19 kg
Battery: 12 V  7 Ah ( dry cell)
Solar Panel Power: 10 W- polycrystal
Case Material: Galvanized Sheet
Surface Coating: High intensity prismatic reflective sheeting
IP Class: IP 65
LED: 5 mm, red. white