Solar Powered LED Flashing Light is an effective and energy-efficient traffic solution that doesn’t need any additional energy source. The combination of solar energy with LED lighting results in a high quality and consumption free electrical system. Solar Powered LED Flashing Light is easily mountable on U-shaped posts or circular steel posts. The LED flashing mode is optionally changeable. The top placed solar panel can be adjusted easily for receiving the maximum amount of sunlight.

  • Ideal for use in road works, medians, bridge entrances,  Factory, Facilities, Institution Entries, and Exits,  etc.
  • Dusk-to-dawn operation and 24/7 flash operation
  • Long visual distance
  • High visibility, ideal for bad weather conditions 
  • Installs easily onto u-posts or poles with a diameter between 5 and 7,5 cm 

Technical Features

Dimensions: 28  x 28 cm
Weight: 5 kg
Case Color: Black
Battery: 6 V 4 Ah (dry cell)
Solar Panel Power: 5 W
Solar Panel Voltage:6 V
LED: 10 mm, red, amber
Flashing Period: Adjustable
Case Dimensions: 34 x 75 x 42 cm