Solar traffic signs are signaling devices powered by Solar Panels positioned at road intersections, pedestrian crossings and other locations to control the flows of traffic. Solar-powered flashing signs light up so that they’re easily visible, even when weather conditions make it difficult. Plus, the solar-power feature of these signs reduces our carbon footprint when compared to using traffic signs that aren’t solar-powered.

  • Fast charging Gel-Cell battery
  • Single Side Warning
  • Round lens with LED lamp and reflective surface in one direction
  • High quality LEDs  and high reflective  surface
  • Extra reflective lamp surface
  • Dusk-to-dawn operation and 24/7 flash operation
  • Self sufficient -does not require external power sources.
  • Solar panel tilted 360 °front-back on its axis and 45 ° left-right due to the ball-shaped metal joint.
  • Continuous, efficient and effective warning all day long with daylight charging
  • On/Off button
  • Mountable onto U-post or poles with diameter between 5 and 7,5 cm

Technical Features

Dimensions: 100 x 175 cm
Weight: 25 kg
Material: PC-Reflective ASTM D 4956-11a Type I
Solar Panel Dimensions: 293 x 345 mm
Solar Panel Type: Polycrystal, 18 V, 10 W, SLA
Battery: Dry Cell Battery, 12 V, 7.0 A/h
LED: 5 mm LED
Flashing Period: 54 fpm
Warning Distance: 500 m (night)
Operation Time: All night with daylight charging
Operation Temparature: -20ºC/+60ºC
Protection Class: IP 54